Ardle Enterprises welcomes you to a feast of written music for Scottish Pipe Bands.

The Ardle Collection is a book of Scottish Pipe Band Drum Music put together by Billy McCombie. It contains compositions from his two main tutors and are of three difficulty levels, from easy to hard.

The music in Ardle Collect Book was written by Billy McCombie.

The Mossat Collections are a series of books of Scottish Pipe Music put together by Jim McCombie. Most of the tunes are by our Dad (James Smith McCombie) and Jim (James Sutherland McCombie), with contributions from individuals known to our family.

The music in the Mossat Collection Book 1 was written by Jim McCombie. The music in the rest of the Mossat Collection Books was written by the PiobMaster music writer software. All the mp3 sound files of the tunes were generated directly from the software and have no piper's expression applied.

We would be interested in whether you have used any of these tune for solo piper functions, pipe band down the street events or even solo or pipe band contest. So get in touch and tell us. Also tells us if there is any tune that you particularly like.

Above is a picture of the March of the Men of Lonach, which happens on the fourth Saturday in August starting in Bellabeg, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire. It starts at 8am and after a seven mile walk (approx), including several glasses of whisky, arrives at the games park at 1pm. Always a rousing sight.

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